VidiXplore - Mission Control For Your Digital Media Files

Vidixplore is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, providing a powerful but easy-to-use graphical interface for media management in the cloud. Vidixplore provides the ability to find, enrich and share media assets from desktops, servers and cloud storage systems. The patented indexing technology behind VidiXplore is first of its kind and will considerably change how video content is found and distributed on the Internet. Vidixplore is available with three plans; a free plan, a paid plan and an enterprise plan, providing advanced media handling to many companies from a wide range of industries.

Vidixplore is based on Vidispine, a content management platform for developers and media professionals. With Vidispine in the backend you will shortcut R&D when creating media centric solutions. Vidispine commoditizes handling of media files via its powerful API, providing an easy fit into any third party solution. The platform is available for on-premise or private cloud installation and as Platform as a Service (PaaS) from major cloud providers. The Vidispine media backbone powers production systems on all continents of the world, serving thousands of users with millions of files (

The team behind VidiXplore and Vidispine are the Swedish IT entrepreneurs, Isak Jonsson and Erik Åhlin who successfully founded Vidispine AB in 2009.


Norgegatan 2, 164 32 Kista, Sweden
Phone +46 760 27 74 63